Specials for the week of January 02, 2018

      • Soup of the Week

        Beef Bone Broth

        Beef Bone Broth, scallion – Cup: $3.50 Bowl: $4.95

      • Breakfast

        Cauliflower Crust Breakfast Pizza
        Cauliflower Pizza Crust, roasted tomatoes, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese & scallions – $9.95
      • Salad

        Miso Buddha Bowl
        Brown Rice, Lentils, Bok Choy, Carrot Spirals, Broccoli, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Purple Cabbage, Fresh Basil, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Sprouts & Miso Ginger Sauce – $12.95
      • Protein Shake

        Green Machine
        Coconut Water, Avocado, Banana, Kiwi, Spinach – $7.50
      • Sandwich Special

        Granny Smith’s Crisp Salmon Wrap

        Salmon, Granny Smith Apple, Jicama, Cilantro, Purple Cabbage, Field Greens, Lemon Vinaigrette Tomato Wrap, pickle and fruit cup – $10.95

      • Grass Fed Burger Bowl

        Grass Fed Burger, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Romaine Lettuce, Avocado, Poblano Peppers, Pico De Gallo & Sunflower Sprouts – $9.95

      • Paleo Entree Specials

        Grass Fed Salisbury Steak with Root Vegetable Mashed Potato & Vegetable Medley

        Grass Fed Salisbury Steak, Beef Bone Broth Mushroom Gravy, Root Vegetable Mashed Potato & Vegetable Medley – $14.95

      • Swordfish Puttanesca with Root Vegetable & Asparagus Hash

        Grilled Swordfish, Puttanesca Sauce( plum tomatoes, Onion, capers, garlic, peppers.) Root Vegetable Asparagus Hash, Anchovie & Sunflower Sprouts – $15.95